Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with points?
Each participating business offers specific products or services that can be purchased with points. You can get a rewards through the website and mobile apps. Browse through the rewards here.
How do I get points?
Cardholders get points every time they make a purchase at businesses in the Supportland network (with the exception of multiple visits into one business on a single day). Each business will have at least one incentive for acquiring points and one for using points. Generally, cardholders will get more points when visiting a new business.
How do I get a Supportland Card?
You can get a card, for free, at any participating business.
How can I get the iPhone or Android app?
Download them for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Playstore. It's an elegant, map-enabled app that can be used in lieu of the Supportland card.
Will this be in my neighborhood?
We are a lean outfit that relies heavily on word-of-mouth recommendation. If you would like Supportland in your neighborhood, feel free to let your favorite businesses know about us!
I’m a business owner, how do I get on the network?
Any locally-owned and operated business is welcome to contact us to discuss becoming a part of the Supportland network. Please register and we will be in touch shortly!
How can I contact you?
The best way to communicate with us is through email. Send your questions, concerns, props, and praise to This will guarantee the speediest response. We can also be reached at 503-283-0012, if necessary.
I live in another state, is Supportland coming to my area?
Yes! Points can be transferrable between local regions. We’ve packaged the entire infrastructure so that it can go anywhere. If you'd like to be notified when we branch out, contact us at
Who the heck are you guys?
Supportland is owned and operated by Michael and Katrina Scotto di Carlo hailing from the St Johns neighborhood of Portland, OR.
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